Lantec Laser Welding

Lantec Laser Welding is a Lantec 2000 brand specialized in the manufacture of industrial laser welding machinery. Lantec Welding has more than fifteen years of experience in the design and manufacture of special turnkey machines that incorporate laser technologies as part of their process.

We have extensive experience in incorporating lasers in strategic production stations for cutting and welding various parts. This experience offers us a broad vision by approaching high process difficulties in which the parts have and must be shaped in complicated angles and directions during tight cycles and machine sizes in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The high quality and unbeatable finishes of our laser systems make our machines a valuable asset for many customers, who are looking for tight manufacturing times and tolerances not admitted by other welding and cutting processes.


Quality and service times form the basis of the first samples and prototypes that our clients demand.


We add the advantage of having our own engineering coupled with extensive experience in laser processes.


Wide variety of equipment arranged and programmed to perform various types of work.

Lantec Laser Welding

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Consult our specialized website and you can find technical information and examples of laser successes. Trust your process and satisfaction to our company.