Lantec Grip

Lantec Grip was born in the mid-nineties as a response to handling and mooring projects demanded by our customers. This is the origin of our range of pneumatic clamps and flanges, whose concept is to provide strength and mechanical precision to compact cylinders of different reference brands.

During this time, we have expanded our standard pneumatic handling products with rotary tables and three-finger grippers. In addition to designing and manufacturing handling elements for specific products or aggressive environments, special grippers, or hydraulic actuation.


The support of our engineering department gives us the ability to respond to a multitude of scenarios.


The conjunction between robotics and our clamps and flanges is allowing us to obtain highly competitive results.

Manufacturer Partner

More than twenty years offering our services as a manufacturer partner to leading companies in automation and the automotive industry.

Lantec Grip

Lantec Grip website

Consult our specialized website and you can find technical information and examples of various manipulations. Trust our company for its handling.