Lantec2000 Sistemas is an engineering company dedicated to the design, manufacture of special machinery and process automation.

Based on twenty-five years of experience, and with an average manufacturing of 36 machines per year, at Lantec 2000 Sistemas we seek, by optimizing the process, the highest productivity at the lowest cost that results in savings for our customers.

Equipo Lantec 2000


Our goal is to continue satisfying our customers by providing work and experience, in the same way that our desire is to continue expanding our products with the conviction of offering the best of ourselves.


With the support of our engineering department, we have the ability to respond to specific solutions from advice to the integration of tailor-made solutions.


In the natural evolution that is transforming industrial production today, the conjunction between robotics, our handling products and laser solutions is allowing us to obtain highly competitive results.

Systems integration

At Lantec2000 Sistemas we integrate all the phases necessary for the creation of the automation and customer satisfaction:

  • Outlook

  • Design

  • Crafting

  • Mounting

  • Programming

  • Operation

International presence

  • Spain Automotive, construction, food, pharmaceutical, household appliances, pets, furniture, land transport, energy.
  • France Automotive.
  • Italy Automotive.
  • Germany Construction.
  • Czech Republic Automotive.
  • Russia Construction.
  • Turkey Household appliances.
  • India Automotive.
  • China Automotive.
  • USA Aeronautics.
  • Mexico Automotive.
  • Brazil Construction.